[Haskell-cafe] Flymake Haskell

Daisuke IKEGAMI ikegami at madscientist.jp
Thu Nov 8 19:00:48 EST 2007


Thanks Thomas for your advice. The speed is improved very much.

The latest code about Flymake Haskell will be developed and discussed
on EmacsWiki:FlymakeHaskell.

However, we can continue the discussion via email, too.

Thomas wrote:
  > It seems you need multi-line pattern matching.  Note that shim already
  > can do this, but it doesn't do it automatically.  Unfortunately, shim
  > chokes on files that need pre-processing.  There's probably a way to
  > integrate these two.

You are right; the multi-line pattern matching is needed. However, 
I failed some tries, and finally I invoked ghci from Emacs as I did usually.
Anyone helps? I don't know shim's work.

Gwern wrote:
  > Is there further setup needed?

I think your setting maybe wrong.

  > (defun flymake-Haskell-init ()
  >   (interactive)  ; this line should be removed
  >   brabra

I didn't test Gwern's setting on XEmacs, however I wish it helps.

Best wishes,

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