[Haskell-cafe] HOC is dead! Long live HOC!

Joel Reymont joelr1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 11:14:52 EST 2007

BridgeSupport [1] is new functionality in Leopard that makes the  
current Haskell Objective-C bindings (HOC) obsolete (almost).

The metadata is intended to be a resource for use beyond bridging.  
Most frameworks on the system provide two chunks of XML BridgeSupport  
metadata; succinct and full.

The succinct version contains all of the metadata not provided by the  
Objective-C runtime (which provides about 80% of what is necessary to  
do full fidelity calls in / out of Objective-C via libffi).

The full version contains just that, the full metadata required to  
describe the APIs of the framework, including all the bits that could  
be gleaned at runtime.

BridgeSupport makes it unnecessary to parse Cocoa headers since all  
the required data is right there in plain XML [2]. It's no longer  
necessary to bundle libffi with HOC either since Leopard comes with a  
much improved version.

I hereby propose to close up the old HOC project on SourceForge and  
set up a new one at GoogleCode. I already did this but GoogleCode  
noticed the SF project and is now waiting for permission from Wolfgang  
and Andre.

	Thanks, Joel

[1] http://www.friday.com/bbum/2007/10/27/pyobjc-20-pyobjc-in-leopard/
[2] /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Resources/ 


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