[Haskell-cafe] Using dump in Netwotk.Pcap

Harald ROTTER harald.rotter at sagem.com
Tue May 8 07:23:01 EDT 2007

Dear Haskellers,

as a Haskell newbie I really enjoyed Austin Seipp's article on writing a
packet sniffer in Haskell using the libpcap.
I played around with Network.Pcap and tried to dump packets into a pcap
file using the dump function:

dump :: Ptr PcapDumpTag -> Ptr PktHdr -> Ptr Word8 -> IO ()

As compared to the loop function (used by Austin's packet sniffer)

loop :: Ptr PcapTag -> Int -> Callback -> IO Int
type Callback = PktHdr -> Ptr Word8 -> IO ()

the dump function takes a "Ptr PktHdr". If I want to "dump" inside a
Callback, I have the problem of getting
a "PktHdr" argument, but I need a "Ptr PktHdr" to dump. I tried to use

with :: Storable a => a -> (Ptr a -> IO b) -> IO b

but PktHdr is unfortunately not an instance of the "Storable" class.

How is it possible to use the "dump" function (that needs a Ptr PktHdr)
inside a Callback that only
passes PktHdr ?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


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