[Haskell-cafe] What ever happened to Haskell 98 as a "stablebranch"?

daniel.is.fischer at web.de daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Mon Mar 26 13:10:23 EDT 2007

Accidentally sent to haskell at haskell.org instead of the cafe:

> >Diversity is generated by mutations.
> This is hardly a revelation.

It was, looong ago.
> My point was that you need two competing components in relative balance to
> grow something meaningful.
And I'd think the Haskell community could take the part of 'Selektionsdruck' (don't know the correct english term).
But you have a good point below, might be too slow for our short lives :(
> Cancer growth is based solely on mutation!
> Also I was not theological. 
Didn't think you seriously were, but you introduced the acronym, was too tempting.
> It is the advice to multiply Prelude and use
> time to verify them rather cosmic in scale. It implies the assumption that
> the world will freeze and wait for the verdict.

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