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> Hi,
> I apologize for mistakenly resending my answer to two lists.
> Well, I can understand Simon, he has little choice but to press on, but you
> have healthy distance and much wider intellectual angle to see that Haskell
> is doomed if new features will come up without any incentive to prune the
> tree.

Agreed. (Though I'm not sure about "doomed", after all: Jeszcze Polska ... )
And having thought more about it, I'm less optimistic that better alternatives will let their predecessors wither fast enough.
But perhaps we could keep the older tree until the new one bears fruit?

And I also support the move for a smaller Prelude, only I don't know what to move to Data.Whatever (I strongly dislike the idea of abandoning the Prelude altogether, but I could live with[out] it).

> Cheers,
> -Andrew

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