[Haskell-cafe] IDE?

bf3 at telenet.be bf3 at telenet.be
Fri Jun 15 17:38:17 EDT 2007

I've searched the internet for an Haskell IDE that supports the following:

- syntax highlighting
- cross module refactoring 
- quick navigation (goto symbol, goto instance, find usages, etc)
- code completion
- "debugging" (not imperative debugging, so no breakpoints, but just
plugging in a visualizer/pretty printer for a function in a separate
dedicated window, like what http://www.apple.com/shake does on each "node")

So a bit what Jetbrains Resharper does for Visual Studio, but for Haskell.
IntelliJ and Eclipse also do this for Java.

This does not seem to exist? If this is correct, this is a real shame,
because although I read that the productivity increases a lot when correctly
using Haskell, it would increase even more when such an IDE is available.

Any help to find an IDE that comes closest to these features would be much


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