[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Harpy -- run-time code generation library

Martin Grabmueller magr at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 13 04:56:35 EDT 2007

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Daniel Mahler schrieb:
> Given your reservation regarding LLVM,
> you may be interested in vmgen, developed and used as a part of  gforth.
> It is also claimed that a JVM built with vmgen had performance comparable
> to state of the art JITs.
> If I remember the author of both gforth (including vmgen) and the
> experimantal JVM,
> is Anton Ertl.
> Personally I have never used it, and do not know how good it is,
> so I am not trying to push it.


> Anyway as I said, I do not know how much mileage you could get out of it,
> but it seemed to be worth mentioning, given what you said about LLVM.

Thanks for the pointer to vmgen.  From a brief look at the docs and the source
code, though, it seems that it supports the generation of threaded interpreters
(which are efficient, but not as efficient as real native code) only,
whereas we are interested in "real" code generation.


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