[Haskell-cafe] Good article on why implementing a functional back end is really different

David Barton dlb at patriot.net
Thu Jun 7 11:09:10 EDT 2007


Help.  I need support for a technical argument: why going to an intermediate 
form for an existing functional back end like Haskell really, truly is 
better for implementing a functional language than is going to an 
intermediate form like the Java intermediate form and re-doing all the 
various specialized mechanism needed to support a true lazy functional 
language.  In other words, I need a pithy paper or book chapter that will 
convince someone unfamiliar with functional languages that Functional Back 
Ends Really Are Different --- no, Really Truly Different.  Something on the 
order of Why Functional Programming Matters, but for the implementor of the 
language, not the programmer.

Any pointers to a good article or book chapter that might help?  I keep 
saying that this bookkeeping is a BIG task, but they keep saying they know 
they can "handle" it.  Pithy comments?  Staff year estimates?  Horror 

Thanks, anyone.

Dave Barton 

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