[Haskell-cafe] Indentation woes

Stefan O'Rear stefanor at cox.net
Thu Jul 26 18:00:52 EDT 2007

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 05:34:32PM -0400, anon wrote:
> 2007/7/26, Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at cox.net>:
>> As for "why", it's just a matter of Haskell Committee taste.  Nothing
>> too deep, just an arbitrary set of rules.
> That's not much of an explanation, is it? I imagine someone must have
> given the matter some thought before describing the layout rule in
> great details in the language report. Perhaps there was a perfectly
> good reason to preclude this kind of code, but I'm afraid I do need a
> reason if I am to understand why. And if it turns out that there
> really is no such reason, would it be terribly presumptuous of me to
> suggest that the rules be changed to accomodate this particular style
> in Haskell' or a future revision of the language? I guess it would,
> but one can always hope.

Why do you think it should be allowed?  The current rules are arbitrary,
but they are quite simple; we don't want to add an ad-hoc exception just
for this.

Out of curiousity, what do you find objectionable about (legal):

function argument argument2
 | guard = body
 | guard = body

as compared to (currently illegal):

function argument argument2
| guard = body
| guard = body

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