[Haskell-cafe] Another analogy

Jonathan Cast jcast at ou.edu
Mon Jul 23 15:34:26 EDT 2007

On Monday 23 July 2007, Hugh Perkins wrote:
> C would be an engine.  You have to add the wheels.  If you use anything but
> a 75.0% mix of gasoline to oil, it explodes.
> Fine you guys can have Haskell as the hovercraft, not one of those big ones
> mind,

How do you get that Haskell has to be small?  It seems a great big language to 

> one of those Florida glades ones, like in Lassie, with one guy 
> sitting on it, weaving between the aligators.
> Java is a hot air balloon.  Kindof obvious really ;-)
> C# is the F1 ferrari.

Jonathan Cast

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