[Haskell-cafe] can't build hIDE

Vadim vadim at vkonovalov.ru
Sun Jul 15 14:57:55 EDT 2007

Hello, all,

I'm following instructions to build hIDE at the page

I get "development" version b ycommand

darcs get http://darcs.haskell.org/hIDE

I succesfully built all dependant packages (Yi), and stuck on error when
building HIDE itself:

Building hide-plugin-0.1...
/opt/ghc-6.6.1/bin/ghc -package-name hide-plugin-0.1 --make
-hide-all-packages -i -idist/build/autogen -i. -isrc -odir dist/build
-hidir dist/build -package base-2.1.1 -package ghc-6.6.1 -package
parsec-2.0 -package FilePath-0.1.0 -DHAVE_LEADING_UNDERSCORE=False
-DGHC_LIBDIR="/opt/ghc-6.6.1/lib/ghc-6.6.1" -fglasgow-exts
Hide.Plugin.Types Hide.Plugin.Parser Hide.Plugin.Printer
Hide.Plugin.Loader Hide.Plugin.LoaderMidLevel Hide.Plugin.TypeCheck
[5 of 6] Compiling Hide.Plugin.LoaderMidLevel (
src/Hide/Plugin/LoaderMidLevel.hs, dist/build/Hide/Plugin/LoaderMidLevel.o )

src/Hide/Plugin/LoaderMidLevel.hs:126:26: Not in scope: `moduleFS'

I don't know how to find mentioned `moduleFS'

Please advise me how should I deal with this error


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