[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Math] Category theory research programs?

jeff p mutjida at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 23:49:53 EDT 2007


  Since there were no replies about CS related category programs, I
thought I'd point out a few notable places, and people, for category
theory oriented CS.

University of Pennsylvania has Peter Freyd in the math department,
though he often collaborates with CS people.

Carnegie Mellon University has Steve Awodey (last student of MacLane)
in the philosophy department, but he works (or used to) fairly closely
with the CS department, and John Reynolds in the CS department.

University of Cambridge has a bunch of people including Robin Milner.

University of Edinburgh also has a bunch of people including Gordon Plotkin.

University of Genova has Eugenio Moggi, who is largely responsible for
the programming language community taking notice of monads.

This is just a short list off the top of my head; there are, of
course, many other places and people doing CS/category theory work.


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