[Haskell-cafe] Parsec - collecting patches - How to contact maintainer Daan Leijen ?

Maxime Henrion mux at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jul 5 05:32:57 EDT 2007

Marc Weber wrote:
> Paresc is a great piece of software. But there are some things which
> do bother me occasionally.
> A short list:
> Things I'd like to change:
> a) custom location tracking. (I've already written a patch, but I
>    haven't tested how much speed will suffer? Which would be a nice test?)
> b) Add a function returning a monadic result
>    (thus   either (fail . show) return  each time .. )
>    because I feel like doing this all the time.
> c) make some functions more generic
>    examples:
>      module Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec.Char 
>      (these functions should work with any token type):
>        anyChar -> anyToken
>        char -> expectToken
>        string -> expectTokens
>        satisfy 
> d) export some simple functions such as nat decimal etc..
>    Sometimes all I just want to get an integer without importing
>    Tokens and specifying a language..
> shapr / sorear suggested asking SPJ to contact Daan Leijen.
> Perhaps there are different approaches to address the issues above?
> Do you also have some patches / suggestions ?

I submitted a patch some time ago that makes the GenParser monad
of Parsec be an instance of MonadState, so that the user state can
be manipulated using the usual get/put/modify functions.  The problem
with this is that it adds a dependency on mtl, and thus on MPTCs
and FDs if I remember correctly.

You can find it there:


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