[Haskell-cafe] Simple HTTP lib for Windows?

brad clawsie clawsie at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 29 17:20:20 EST 2007

> right. there's a bit of a loose group of people who want to take on the
> http library and practical, authoritative version, but its a lot of
> work. Starting with the great code already in HAppS is one option too.
> So yes, we need to fix it. There's people to do it. Now we just need
> social factors to kick in and make it happen!


is there a mailing list, or twiki to direct these efforts?  

i would like to help in whatever way i can, perhaps testing. i am 
cc'ing the cafe list because i know there are like-minded people 
who want to help, but can't handle the full task of authoring the code.

let me know what i can do!

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