[Haskell-cafe] Fractional sqrt

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Mon Jan 22 10:17:02 EST 2007

I wrote:
>> I added a new page for the Numeric Quest library...

>> I also updated the references to Numeric Quest
>> on the Mathematics and Physics page.

Henning Thielemann wrote
> I would not throw away the links to the Internet archive

For modules that were previously mentioned on the
Mathematics page and not re-hosted in your darcs
repo, I left the links as they were.

For modules that are in the repo, the original version
can always be obtained from the repo. In addition,
there is a link on the Numeric Quest page to the
author's main Haskell page in the Internet Archive.
>From there, it is easy to navigate with one click
to any of the author's original work still available in
the Archive, including all of the modules that are
also in the darcs repo.

Perhaps I should add a note to that effect.

I intentionally removed the direct links to the Archive
from the Mathematics page for modules that are now
in your repo. I estimate that people clicking from there
are more likely to be lead astray than to be helped.

Do you think it is important to have a separate link
for each repo module to the Internet Archive?
If so, they can be added to the Numeric Quest

> The Darcs repository at cvs.haskell.org is no official update by Jan
> Skibinski - I set up that repository to simplify further development.

OK - I'll add a note to that effect.

> I added the keyword "continued fractions" to the Wiki page so the module
> can be discovered by other people.

Good, thanks.


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