[Haskell-cafe] readFile problem

Stefan Aeschbacher haskell at aeschbacher.ch
Mon Jan 8 05:32:56 EST 2007

2007/1/8, Kirsten Chevalier <catamorphism at gmail.com>:
> On 1/8/07, Stefan Aeschbacher <haskell at aeschbacher.ch> wrote:
> > There are many things i do not understand. Why the different behaviour
> > on Linux and Windows? Shouldn't an exception be thrown on Linux
> > instead of a core dump? I don't use any unsafePerformIO or foreign
> > calls. Why the changed path? I never change working directory in my
> > code. Why is a function (-> reading the config file) re-evaluated at a
> > later point in time?
> >
> > How can I debug such a problem?
> >
> > My environement is ghc 6.6 on Ubuntu or Windows XP.
> >
> It may be difficult to say without seeing your code. Is it possible
> for you to post it, or at least a minimal test case that would
> illustrate the different errors on the different OSes? What Unix
> toolkit are you using when running ghc on Windows, if any (cygwin,
> mingw, both, neither?)

I know that it's difficult without code but unfortunately the whole
program is already quite large (several thousand lines) and I wouldn't
see how to extract a relevant test case at the moment as i have no
real clue where to search for the problem.

I use cygwin on Windows. I just compiled the application from a
cmd.exe and the result is the same (even though cmd.exe (and the
normal cygwin terminal) swallows the error message, but the error is
shown when run in rxvt).



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