[Haskell-cafe] Re: Possible (GHC or HGL) bug or ??

Calvin Smith cs-haskell at protempore.net
Wed Jan 3 11:02:08 EST 2007

apfelmus at quantentunnel.de wrote:
> Calvin Smith wrote:
>> When the problem occurs, there is a message to the console that says:
>> "thread blocked indefinitely".
> I can reproduce this on OS X with ghc-6.4.2, X11-1.1 and HGL-3.1. The
> console message is rare but I also got it once. This looks like a bug in
> HGL, perhaps some issue with polling the event queue in a threaded fashion.

Thanks very much for checking this on a different platform and GHC. I
filed a bug report with the HGL maintainer.

>> p.s. Any stylistic or other comments about the code welcome too.
> It might also be a good idea not to mess with trigonometry when creating
> the snowflake. 

Yes, that is much cleaner.

> The following code demonstrates this. 

Your solution is very elegant, and a big improvement over my messy
first solution. Thanks for the very instructive code!



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