[Haskell-cafe] Re: Possible (GHC or HGL) bug or ??

apfelmus at quantentunnel.de apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Mon Jan 1 07:55:04 EST 2007

Calvin Smith wrote:
> This basically works, in that it does exactly what I want in Hugs, but
> GHC sometimes pauses partway through rendering, and does not continue
> rendering until I type any key (except space, which exits) or
> unfocus/refocus the window, or move the mouse pointer across the window.
> Sometimes, more often the first time in a GHCI session, it renders
> completely with no pauses, and it seems to pause more and more if I
> evaluate main, then close the window, evaluate again in the same GHCI
> session, repeatedly. The same pausing behavior is observed in a
> GHC-compiled executable.
> When the problem occurs, there is a message to the console that says:
> "thread blocked indefinitely".

I can reproduce this on OS X with ghc-6.4.2, X11-1.1 and HGL-3.1. The
console message is rare but I also got it once. This looks like a bug in
HGL, perhaps some issue with polling the event queue in a threaded fashion.

> p.s. Any stylistic or other comments about the code welcome too.

The infinite list of colors is a very good idea.

It might also be a good idea not to mess with trigonometry when creating
the snowflake. These things can be put into a single function (rotate)
which rotates a point around the origin by a specified number of
degrees. The following code demonstrates this. Note that the resulting
snowflake has slightly different proportions than your original one, but
it shouldn't be a problem to adjust this.

    module Main where

    import Graphics.SOE

    main = runGraphics $ do
        w <- openWindow "Snowflake Fractal" (600, 600)
        drawInWindow w $ snowflake (300,300) 200 (cycle $ enumFrom Blue)
        spaceClose w

    spaceClose w = do
        k <- getKey w
        if k == ' ' then closeWindow w else spaceClose w

    rotate :: Double -> Point -> Point
    rotate deg (x,y) = (truncate $ c*x' - s*y', truncate $ s*x' + c*y')
        (x',y') = (fromIntegral x, fromIntegral y)
        rad     = deg * pi / 180
        (s,c)   = (sin rad, cos rad)

    translate :: (Int, Int) -> Point -> Point
    translate (dx,dy) (x,y) = (x + dx, y + dy)

    minSize = 2 :: Int

    snowflake :: Point -> Int -> [Color] -> Graphic
    snowflake _   h _       | h <= minSize = emptyGraphic
    snowflake pos h (c:cs)  = overGraphics $
        map (\pos -> snowflake pos (h `div` 3) cs) (mkPoints corners)
        ++ map (withColor c . polygon . mkPoints) [triangle1, triangle2]
        -- things gets specified by their angle
        -- with respect to the y-axis
        mkPoints  = map $ translate pos . flip rotate (0,h)
        triangle1 = [0, 120, 240]
        triangle2 = map (180+) triangle1
        corners   = map (60*) [0..5]

Also note that I eschewed (drawInWindow) in favor of (overGraphic), but
I think that SOE will introduce that at some point, too.

A minor hint is to use Double instead of Float. It doesn't really
matter, but today's computers internally favor Double ("double precision
floating point number").


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