[Haskell-cafe] exists . a psuedo-standard non-empty list module

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 13:20:43 EST 2007

Hi Nick

> That sounds like a great option. Candidate numero uno as of now. What
> I have in mind right now should be pretty light weight, but it will
> mostly be a regurgitation of code I've seen floating around. Some of
> the code from the previous wiki link, type-level decimal numbers I saw
> in an Oleg paper (I think), etc.

I am happy to accept a Safe list implementation much the same way as
Oleg's implementation. The Safe library is a place to put code which
allows the user to write code which ensures their are no pattern match
errors, or to give better error messages when there are pattern match

Something like a type level implementation of decimals, if not
directly concerned with this, might be better in a separate library
for type level computation. Something like

> Would you be open to such code in your library? Anyone have a better
> place for it?

Yep, just send in a patch :)



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