[Haskell-cafe] exists . a psuedo-standard non-empty list module

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 19:41:36 EST 2007

> Despite the fact that I like head/fromJust etc, a safe list library
> would be kind of handy. If someone wants to roll that into the Safe
> library, as Safe.List or something, I'd be happy to accept patches
> (saving someone else the hassle of setting up a new library etc, for
> roughly the same purpose)
> Thanks
> Neil

That sounds like a great option. Candidate numero uno as of now. What
I have in mind right now should be pretty light weight, but it will
mostly be a regurgitation of code I've seen floating around. Some of
the code from the previous wiki link, type-level decimal numbers I saw
in an Oleg paper (I think), etc.

Would you be open to such code in your library? Anyone have a better
place for it?


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