[Haskell-cafe] Looking for documentation on Control.Parallel.Strategies

Pepe Iborra mnislaih at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 17:46:12 EST 2007

There is also an excellent paper in tutorial style which imho is very  
useful to understand the interaction of lazyness with the  
Control.Parallel.Strategies combinators:

"Algorithm + Strategy = Parallelism"
Philip W. Trinder, Kevin Hammond, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, and Simon L.  
Peyton Jones. Journal of Functional Programming, 8(1), Jan 1998.

On 16/02/2007, at 22:44, Jefferson Heard wrote:

> That's MUCH better, thanks.  That's not what's directly available from
> haskell.org.  It still doesn't give anything more general about  
> using the
> combinators in actual programs, you know, like examples, but it's  
> at least
> some clear documentation as to what each strategy does.
> Maybe one day, when I have a parallel program actually working, I  
> could
> document that...
> On Friday 16 February 2007 16:26, Bjorn Bringert wrote:
>> On Feb 16, 2007, at 21:16 , Jefferson Heard wrote:
>>> Is there anything that documents this further than the Haddock
>>> documentation
>>> available from Haskell.org or the GHC pages?  I've gotten some basic
>>> parallelism to work using parMap and using >|| and >|, but I had a
>>> fold and a
>>> map that I could logically compute at the same time.
>>> ...
>> Maybe that's what you're looking at, but the darcs version has some
>> more Haddock comments, see http://www.haskell.org/ghc/dist/current/
>> docs/libraries/base/Control-Parallel-Strategies.html
>> /Björn
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