[Haskell-cafe] Summer of Code

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Feb 12 18:44:22 EST 2007

> Hello,
> Yes, I realize it's mid-February right now and the summer is still
> months away, but it's probably not too early to think about the
> future.
> I am wondering if there are any Summer of Code projects that I would
> be able to do for the Haskell community. I will be graduating from my
> undergrad program this semester and am hoping to go on to graduate
> school in the fall, and I think a good Haskell project would be the
> perfect way to spend my transitional summer.
> So, are there any projects that will need a student for the summer? If
> this is not the place to ask, where should I be asking?

Here's some general advice for those considering applying for 
the Summer of Code Haskell projects. We haven't prepared a list yet of
desirable features, but going on last year's successful applicants, the
following qualities will be required:

 1. The project should have:
        * clear benefit to the Haskell community
        * there will be an emphasis on new libraries
          and on new development tools.

    We really prefer people work on things that the community needs:
    libraries and development tools. Some suggestions would be the http
    lib, a binary/bitstream parsec, or a light web framework (that works
    out of the box), ghc-api integration with emacs/vim.

 2. The applicant should have:

        * demonstrated experience with Haskell programming
        * demonstrated experience working alone, (e.g. open source
          experience is a great asset)

With over 100 applicants, and 9 positions available, competition is
tough. You can stand out by contributing to projects *now* so that you
gain experience with the current best Haskell development practices, and
get some guidance from the open source hackers in the community about
how to work efficiently and with community consensus.

Start working now on your own library or app, get it in darcs, publish
it, upload it to hackage, and when summer comes around, you'll have
massively increased your changes of being selected.

-- Don

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