[Haskell-cafe] Re: Web server (Was: Basic question concerning data constructors)

Joost Behrends webmaster at h-labahn.de
Mon Dec 31 10:27:20 EST 2007


> So how, prey tell, do you factor out an expression which includes
> <p>...</p>?  It is not Haskell,
> Haskell has no power there.  Surely
> learning that mapping is easier than building your own (which will
> doubtlessly be worse (no
> offense, that's the first law of library use)).
> And since you are a Haskell beginner, learning a library will teach
> you not only the library, but
> loads about common idioms and Haskell programming in general.  As an
> example, it was only
> after using the Parsec library that I finally came to terms with
> monads; for whatever reason, I
> was incapable of grokking them studying only the standard built-ins.
> I dunno, it just seems odd to me to avoid "extra learning" when you're
> trying to learn the
> language in the first place.
> Luke
this is very debatable. Yesterday i read "there should be no libraries at all"
from anyone here. And i know from Python, that libraries can be bad - i rewrote
ftplib for my own use. I differentiate always between the language core and
its libraries. Pythons unicode is catastrophic - but the core language is 
very, very fine.

If there were a better STDLIB (and not many of them and Boost on top)
and no autoconf, i would stick to C++. Still the fastest language and 
very powerful with types, respective classes.

And i will embed Haskell into websides - thats the next step after
having ported the server. The least, what can be done here, and can be done
easily, is a kind of preprocessor. Perhaps i'll call it phaskelp 
(? - or phasp ?).

Happy New Year, Joost

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