[Haskell-cafe] Wikipedia on first-class object

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Thu Dec 27 11:13:57 EST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007 16:57 schrieb Cristian Baboi:
> On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 17:52:19 +0200, Jonathan Cast
> > Which is why Haskell treats IO as a domain specific language.
> Good to know. I intended to use Haskell for algorithms, but it seems it is
> not so good at them.

Why is I/O needed for algorithms?

And the fact that I/O is embedded into Haskell as a kind of a domain specific 
language doesn’t mean that Haskell is bad at I/O.  As Simon Peyton Jones put 
it: Haskell is the world’s finest imperative programming language.

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