[Haskell-cafe] Is StateT what I need?

Tommy McGuire mcguire at crsr.net
Wed Dec 19 18:54:25 EST 2007

Andre Nathan wrote:
> I think my code is a bit too long and that probably makes it hard for
> someone to help... Does anyone know of good example code using StateT
> for keeping a global state other than the one at the "Simple StateT use"
> page on the wiki?

The one I have used is All About Monads:

Then, there is sigfpe's (always excellent) short but sweet blog posting:

And finally (although I hesitate to mention it), there is my nroff-alike 
from Software Tools:
(Note: I haven't gotten to it in the revisions following the comments I 
received here and there are many things that need work.  The notes are 
incoherent, it's more Pascallish than Haskell, and there are no 
guarantees that it won't ruin you forever.)

Tommy M. McGuire
mcguire at crsr.net

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