[Haskell-cafe] Re: Problem with Gtk2hs

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Thu Dec 13 15:38:57 EST 2007

Andrew Coppin wrote:
> Duncan Coutts wrote:
>> On Mon, 2007-12-10 at 10:40 +0000, Andrew Coppin wrote:
>>> What do I need to compile the darcs version? Just GHC? Or do I need the
>>> GTK+ header files? (Remember, I'm on Windows here.)
>> Ah, that's a bit harder. It's not for the feint of heart.
>> I've not updated the instructions in a while. The old ones are here:
>> but we now use the official Gtk+ windows binaries and headers rather
>> than the ones from http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/
>> Our new header bundles are here: http://haskell.org/gtk2hs/win32/
>> and scripts are here: http://darcs.haskell.org/gtk2hs/tools/win32/
>> You'd want the win32-build-* ones.
>> You also need mingw of course. I would not recommend starting from darcs
>> but from a tarball and then copying over the two changed files from
>> darcs. The reason for that is that trying to get autoconf and automake
>> working on windows is more trouble than it's worth (I've never done it)
>> where as the tarball contains pre-generated autoconf/automake stuff.
>> Duncan
> Uh... or maybe I could just wait until the next binary release. :-}
> *runs away*

I can understand that. However, the prudent thing to do is not to upgrade to
a new ghc release until things have settled a bit; especially not if you
want to avoid fixing library bugs (mostly build related) and most
especially if you are on Windows. Ghc-6.6.1 is stable and IME most of the
hackage stuff works out-of-the-box. (Note that Duncan gave you similar
advice, although maybe it got lost beyond all the scary installation tips
concerning gtk2hs under ghc-6.8.1;) Or /is/ there a special reason you need
to use ghc-6.8.1?


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