[Haskell-cafe] GUI

Miguel Mitrofanov miguelimo38 at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 12 14:40:59 EST 2007

Is there any really cross-platform GUI library for Haskell?

Gtk2Hs is good (I suppose), but it requires X. OK, I have X, but it's  
not "native" on my Mac; some Mac users don't install it and almost  
all Mac users don't always run it.

I was able to install wxHaskell (after some hacking - this was really  
painful); and Blobs editor compiled successfully, but then resisted  
to run.

Tk-based libraries seem to be good, and Tk can be run "natively" on  
Mac (i.e., without X), but none of them seem to compile.

Sorry if this message seems like I'm angry; I am, but that's only for  
a moment.

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