[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Shu-thing 1.0 and Monadius 0.9

Neil Bartlett njbartlett at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:12:04 EST 2007

Hi Gwern,

Shu-thing is great fun!

I think Monadius isn't compiling because most of the source files are  
missing; you only have Main.hs in there.


On 4 Dec 2007, at 01:53, gwern0 at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi everyone. With the permission of the authors, I'd like to  
> announce the release & upload to Hackage of two games written in  
> Haskell (you may've seen them mentioned here once or twice before):
> *Monadius
> *Shu-thing
> They are both scrolling 2 dimensional arcade shooting games which  
> use 3D vector graphics. Shu-thing is a fairly simpler upwards  
> scrolling shooter with one level and geometric objects; Monadius is  
> a sort of clone/homage to the classic arcade game Gradius, and I  
> find it quite fun (although I have yet to beat it).
> You can find screenshots and original here:
> *<http://www.geocities.jp/takascience/index_en.html#haskell>
> The Hackage pages:
> *<http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/Monadius-0.9.20071203 
> >
> *<http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/Shu-thing-1.0.20071203 
> >
> --
> They both have dependencies on GLUT, and it's definitely advisable  
> to have 3D acceleration enabled on your system. I've only tested  
> them with GHC 6.8.1 and up (where they work fine) on my Gentoo Linux  
> box.
> You should be able to 'cabal install' Shu-thing, but Monadius  
> doesn't compile successfully for reasons I don't understand.
> --
> My changes to the programs in question are not terribly major -  
> largely Cabalizing them, formatting and making stylistic changes,  
> stomping most -Wall messages, and occasionally changing algorithms  
> or attempting to optimize them. In the case of Monadius, I removed  
> all the Windows-specific material (the audio files were apparently  
> copyright violations, so no big loss) and improved storage of replay  
> files.
> I'd like to thank Takayuki Muranushi for answering my questions  
> about the code and giving permission to update them. I hereby  
> release all my changes into the public domain.
> --
> gwern
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