[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Shu-thing 1.0 and Monadius 0.9

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Mon Dec 3 20:53:24 EST 2007

Hi everyone. With the permission of the authors, I'd like to announce the release & upload to Hackage of two games written in Haskell (you may've seen them mentioned here once or twice before):


They are both scrolling 2 dimensional arcade shooting games which use 3D vector graphics. Shu-thing is a fairly simpler upwards scrolling shooter with one level and geometric objects; Monadius is a sort of clone/homage to the classic arcade game Gradius, and I find it quite fun (although I have yet to beat it).

You can find screenshots and original here:

The Hackage pages:


They both have dependencies on GLUT, and it's definitely advisable to have 3D acceleration enabled on your system. I've only tested them with GHC 6.8.1 and up (where they work fine) on my Gentoo Linux box.

You should be able to 'cabal install' Shu-thing, but Monadius doesn't compile successfully for reasons I don't understand.


My changes to the programs in question are not terribly major - largely Cabalizing them, formatting and making stylistic changes, stomping most -Wall messages, and occasionally changing algorithms or attempting to optimize them. In the case of Monadius, I removed all the Windows-specific material (the audio files were apparently copyright violations, so no big loss) and improved storage of replay files.

I'd like to thank Takayuki Muranushi for answering my questions about the code and giving permission to update them. I hereby release all my changes into the public domain.

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