[Haskell-cafe] Haskell on the Playstation 3? :-)

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Sat Aug 25 18:14:23 EDT 2007

Game developers are really struggling to get performance out of the
Playstation 3 console. This console has a single PowerPC CPU with 6 Cell SPU
coprocessors, all running at 3.3GHz. These SPUs have 256KB very high speed
local RAM, and data from the 512MB main memory can stream in and out via DMA
into these SPUs. The problem is that with imperative approaches this is a
nightmare to manage..


It would be a very cool project to show that Haskell could run on such a
platform, making it easier to take advance of its awesome power J


Oh well, I'm just brainstorming here.





BTW: This Cell platform also seemed to be offered for scientific computing
in standard workstation PCs, so it would not just be for the Playstation 3.


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