[Haskell-cafe] Ideas

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 08:11:36 EDT 2007


> - Blogging software. (Because there isn't enough of it in the world yet.)

Hope (google: Haskell Hope)

> - A wiki program. (Ditto.)

Flippi (google: Haskell Flippi)

> - A general CMS.


> - An interactive function plotter. (GNUplot is nice, but it can't plot
> recursive functions...)

None that I know of.

> - A "graphical programming tool". (You add boxes and put in lines, it
> constructs a "program" that you can run.)

You mean a programming tool with a horrible syntax and user interface?
If you want to remove the joy from programming, just use Ada.

Alternatively, use PureData, which can be extended with Haskell, and
gives boxes and lines.



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