[Haskell-cafe] trouble building regex-base 0.91 on ghc 6.7

Thomas Hartman thomas.hartman at db.com
Fri Aug 17 14:40:33 EDT 2007

I'm trying to build the latest regex base, which is required for the other 
regex packages under ghc 6.7

It complains that it can't find Data.Sequence, because it's in a hidden 
module containers. I added containers to the cabal depends as can be seen 
in the grep below.

And containers isn't hidden when I do ghc-pkg list.

What gives?

Still getting used to cabal...


hartthoma at linuxpt:~/installs/regex-base-0.91>runghc Setup.hs build
Preprocessing library regex-base-0.91...
Building regex-base-0.91...

    Could not find module `Data.Sequence':
      it is a member of package containers-0.1, which is hidden

hartthoma at linuxpt:~/installs/regex-base-0.91>grep -i containers 
Build-Depends:          base >= 2.0, mtl, containers 

hartthoma at linuxpt:~/installs/regex-base-0.91>ghc-pkg list
    Cabal-1.1.7, HUnit-1.1.1, QuickCheck-1.0.1, array-0.1,
    arrows-0.2.1, base-2.1, bytestring-0.1, cgi-3001.1.5,
    containers-0.1, directory-1.0, fgl-5.4.1, filepath-1.0,
    (ghc-6.7.20070816), haskell-src-1.0.1, haskell98-1.0, hpc-0.5,
    html-1.0.1, mtl-1.0.1, network-2.0.1, old-locale-1.0, old-time-1.0,
    packedstring-0.1, parallel-1.0, parsec-2.0, pretty-1.0,
    process-1.0, random-1.0, readline-1.0, regex-base-0.72, rts-1.0,
    stm-2.1, template-haskell-0.1, unix-2.0, xhtml-3000.0.2


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