[Haskell-cafe] creating graphics the functional way

Frank Buss fb at frank-buss.de
Tue Aug 7 16:22:00 EDT 2007

Hi Conal,
I've tried some links, e.g. the pre-compiled components from
http://conal.net/Pan/Releases/2000-12-06/ or the interactive presentation
from http://conal.net/Pan/papers.htm , but file not found. Do you have the
files? Would be easier than trying to setup Haskell and Visual C++
environment for compiling it (looks like the sources link works). BTW: There
is Visual Studio Express, maybe you want to update your webpage, because
Microsoft gives it away for free, if it can be used with Pan.
How fast is your implementation? I've downloaded "werkkzeug" from
http://www.theprodukkt.com/werkkzeug1#25 . The user interface is a bit
unusual, but if you start the tutorial, it can display a texture example
with about 50 composed functions and 256x256 pixels with about 300 fps. I've
emailed the author and they didn't revealed much about the implementation,
but said it was C with some inline assembler. I assume to make it fast, a
good idea would be to cache some calculations, e.g. if you want a swirl
effect, for all destination image cache all source positions, for the
desired destination image size.


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