[Haskell-cafe] Type classes: Missing language feature?

Tillmann Rendel rendel at rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Aug 7 11:03:30 EDT 2007

DavidA wrote:
> Now, what I'd like to do is have Lex and Glex, and any further monomial 
> orderings I define later, automatically derive Show and Num instances from 
> Monomial (because it seems like boilerplate to have to define Show and Num 
> instances by hand). Something like the following (not valid Haskell):
> class OrdMonomial m where
>     fromRaw :: Monomial -> m
>     toRaw :: m -> Monomial
> instance OrdMonomial Lex where
>     fromRaw m = Lex m
>     toRaw (Lex m) = m
> instance OrdMonomial Glex where
>     fromRaw m = Glex m
>     toRaw (Glex m) = m
> derive OrdMonomial m => Show m where
>     show m = show (toRaw m)
> derive OrdMonomial m => Num m where
>     m * m' = fromRaw (toRaw m * toRaw m')

Change "derive" to "instance" and enable some GHC extensions by passing


to it (or use a GHC_OPTIONS pragma at the top of your source file) to 
make your code work with GHC. To go a step further, using functional 
dependencies, you can write a small framework:

   -- the class of wrapper types
   class Wrapper w a | w -> a where
     wrap :: a -> w
     unwrap :: w -> a

   -- the class of types with "derived" show instances
   class Wrapper w => DeriveShow w

   -- actual "deriving" of show instances
   instance (Wrapper w a, Show a, DeriveShow w) => Show w where
     show = show . unwrap

and use it for your situation:

   -- the inner type to be wrapped and it's instances
   newtype Monomial = Monomial (Map String Int) deriving (Eq)

   instance Show Monomial where
     show (Monomial a) = ...

   -- some wrappers around this inner type
   newtype Lex = Lex Monomial deriving (Eq)
   newtype Glex = Glex Monomial deriving (Eq)

   instance Wrapper Lex Monomial where
     wrap x = Lex x
     unwrap (Lex x) = x

   instance Wrapper Glex Monomial where
     wrap x = Glex x
     unwrap (Glex x) = x

   -- specialised instances for the wrappers
   instance Ord Lex where
     Lex (Monomial m) <= Lex (Monomial m') = ...

   instance Ord Glex where
     Glex (Monomial m) <= Glex (Monomial m') = ...

   -- "derived" instances for the wrappers
   instance DeriveShow Lex
   instance DeriveShow Glex

But given newtype deriving, wich should work for you for everything 
except Show and Read, this may well be overkill.


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