[Haskell-cafe] ANN: XMPP 0.0.1

Magnus Henoch henoch at dtek.chalmers.se
Sat Apr 7 20:03:03 EDT 2007

I'm hacking a library for writing XMPP clients, and just decided that
my work is good enough to call it version 0.0.1.  Find source and
documentation here:


It contains a werewolf bot as an example.  I wanted the bot to speak
several languages, but I couldn't find any library that would make
that easier, so I wrote one myself, in Translate.hs.  Is there any
other way to do that?  What do other projects use?

The library contains an event loop: it waits for data from the
network, treats it as events and handles them.  (the loop is in
runXMPP in XMPPMonad.hs, and the actual waiting is in getString in
TCPConnection.hs) I can imagine that it might be useful to integrate
this in another event loop, e.g. to create a chat client with a GUI.
Do you have any thoughts on whether and how to do that?


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