[Haskell-cafe] haskell.org down

Pasqualino 'Titto' Assini tittoassini at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 06:07:58 EDT 2006

Haskell.org has been down for over 7 hours (see attached log).


The Web master might use host-tracker.com (or a similar free tracking
service) to keep an eye on it.








From: HostTracker Notifier [mailto:noreply at host-tracker.com] 
Sent: 24 September 2006 10:41
To: tittoassini at gmail.com
Subject: Operation Restored Alert



http://haskell.org is now back to normal.

Operation restored at 2006-09-24 10:36:55.

Url was down as a resultat of: 

Http error:Http_client.No_reply 

Error was detected at 2006-09-24 03:36:16

Downtime total 7 hour(s) 39 sec(s).

Check failures total: 14. 

Your login:titto

Best regards,
http://host-tracker.com/ support team

uid:957058 tid:188350 eid:188350-61-0-0-669df3829d00102989dd000c7651f68b

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