[Haskell-cafe] Unable to profile program using Data.ByteString.Lazy

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Sep 23 12:57:23 EDT 2006

> Hi folks,
> I wrote a program that uses some of the Data.ByteString libraries. I'm 
> using GHC 6.4.1 and FPS 0.7.
> The program compiles and works just fine. But when I try to profile it, 
> by compiling with -prof, I get:
>    Failed to load interface for `Data.ByteString.Lazy':
>        Could not find module `Data.ByteString.Lazy':
>          locations searched:
>            Data/ByteString/Lazy.hi
>            Data/ByteString/Lazy.hi-boot
>            /f/g/lib/fps-0.7/Data/ByteString/Lazy.p_hi
> Why can it find the module when it's compiling without -prof, but not 
> when it's compiling with it? I would really like to get profiling to work.

Probably you didn't build fps with profiling as well? You can rebuild
fps with:
    runhaskell Setup.hs configure -p 
as the first step.

-- Don

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