[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell web forum

Misha Aizatulin avatar at hot.ee
Thu Sep 21 09:15:41 EDT 2006

Kurt Hutchinson wrote:

> Let those interested in a web forum set one
> up and run it. Those interested in email can ignore the web forum.

  My concern about introducing a web forum would be that it is yet
another place I have to search every time I need information (besides
the haskell report, compiler docs and tracker, 2 wikis and the mailing
lists :)

  So setting up a web forum would only be good if it can do something a
mailing list cannot do. Following things were mentioned before:

- ease of starting new topics. Maybe. I personally end up searching
through all topics in forums anyway, because people often tend to post
in a "wrong" topic :) Christian Neumann before mentioned that mailman
might support topics as well.
  Also IMHO the current division of mailing lists (general, café,
libraries, etc.) is exactly right for organizing and separating information.

- searchability. I wouldn't agree - I can download the whole contents of
a mailing list from gmane and search it in my mail client - goes way
faster than in a forum.

- ease of access. But preventing spam would probably require
subscription just as for a mailing list.

  Any more advantages of a forum?


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