[Haskell-cafe] Difficult memory leak in array processing

Niko Korhonen niko.korhonen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 07:40:14 EST 2006

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> I'm also unable to reproduce this. Can you tell us exactly what
> commandline you are using to compile and run the program please?

In fact it turned out that the example code I posted did not exhibit the
memory leak at all. It just took a /very long time/ to complete
(compared to a Java version), but it did complete. My complete code,
which also counted the instances of a given number from the array, does
however exhibit the leak. It is here:

module Main where

import Data.Array.IO
import System.Random

type Buffer = IOUArray Int Int

-- | Triangular Probability Density Function, equivalent to a roll of
two dice.
-- The number sums have different probabilities of surfacing.
tpdf :: (Int, Int) -> IO Int
tpdf (low, high) = do
    first <- getStdRandom (randomR (low, high))
    second <- getStdRandom (randomR (low, high))
    return ((first + second) `div` 2)

-- | Fills an array with dither generated by the specified function.
genSeries :: Buffer -> ((Int, Int) -> IO Int) -> (Int, Int) -> IO ()
genSeries buf denfun lims =
    let worker low i
            | i >= low = do
                r <- denfun lims
                writeArray buf i r
                worker low (i - 1)
            | otherwise = return ()
    in do
        (lo, hi) <- getBounds buf
        worker lo hi

countNumbers :: Buffer -> Int -> IO Int
countNumbers buf x =
    let worker lo i acc
            | i >= lo = do
                n <- readArray buf i
                if n == x
                    then worker lo (i - 1) (acc + 1)
                    else worker lo (i - 1) acc
            | otherwise = return acc
    in do
        (lo, hi) <- getBounds buf
        worker lo hi 0

main = do
    buf <- newArray_ (0, 10000000) :: IO Buffer
    genSeries buf tpdf (2, 12)
    sevens <- countNumbers buf 7
    putStrLn ("Magic number sevens: " ++ show sevens)
    return 0

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