[Haskell-cafe] what GUI library should i select?

Ben Moseley ben_moseley at mac.com
Mon Nov 13 15:49:10 EST 2006

Has anyone succeeded in getting it running on OSX/intel at all?

...I had a brief go a few weeks back, managed to get the Cairo Clock  
running, but anything that used GTK seemed to blow up instantly. (OSX/ 
ppc was fine).


On 13 Nov 2006, at 19:03, Duncan Coutts wrote:

> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 18:00 +0000, Tim Docker wrote:
>>> afaik, there are just two good enough libs - wxHaskell and GtkHs.  
>>> can
>>> anyone point (or write) detailed comparison of their features?
>> One point in wxHaskell's favour is that it supports Mac OS X  
>> directly. At
>> present, to the best of my knowledge, you can only run GtkHs  
>> applications
>> on OS X using the X Windows server. Whilst this works, it's a  
>> _long_ way
>> from native look and feel.
> This is quite true. Fortunately the Gtk+ folk are well underway with a
> project to make it all more native looking. The latest released  
> version
> of Gtk+ 2.10.x has 'experimental' support for running on OSX without
> using X11. The next step (apart from general bug fixing) is to use the
> right native theme.
> So yes, at the moment it doesn't look native on OSX but hopefully  
> in the
> future it will. You can read more about that here:
> http://developer.imendio.com/projects/gtk-macosx
> Duncan
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