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Pepe Iborra mnislaih at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 12:08:33 EST 2006

Can you manage to compile GHC under Windows? Compiling GHC under  
Windows is known to be a bit tricky and time consuming, certainly not  
for the novice user, although the steps are well detailed in the GHC  
developer documentation.

If so, I'd encourage you to play with the Ghci Debugger project. But  
beware, it is still in an experimental phase and there are some  
pending issues.

If you want to try it I have set up the repository to point to the  
"last good known" version I have around.  Just follow the  
instructions on how to get the patches in the wiki page.

Otherwise, I'd advise you to stick to Debug.Trace and friends.


On 13/11/2006, at 17:29, Valentin Gjorgjioski wrote:

> On 13.11.2006 16:54 Valentin Gjorgjioski wrote:
>> On 13.11.2006 16:48 Pepe Iborra wrote:
>>> Hi Valentin
>>> Please, take a look at the Haskell Wiki page for debugging.
>>> http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Debugging
>>> You will find that thanks to Neil Mitchell there is a Windows  
>>> version of Hat available. Perhaps you can add your experiences  
>>> with it if it works for you.
>> Oh silly me, I was looking that page, but I didn't notice this.  
>> Thanks a lot, pepe.
>> I'll try, and I'll post feedback here.
> I install it, I tried it, and it doesn't work for me.
> ./Hat/DML.hs:535:66:
>   Ambiguous type variable `a' in the constraint:
>     `Integral a' arising from use of `*^' at ./Hat/DML.hs:535:66-69
>   Probable fix: add a type signature that fixes these type variable(s)
> And this is line 535....
>                 T.uapp2 p125v94v125v148 p125v147v125v147 p (+^) (*^)
> After that, I have in my code used operator ^, and I deleted that  
> operator. Program finally compiled, but now, hat-observe reports me  
> an error... this program has encountered a problem....
> So, I will be really happy with something simple as Hugs.Observe if  
> it works with floats. Some recommendation please?
> Valentin
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