[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Debugging

Valentin Gjorgjioski valentin.gjorgjioski at ijs.si
Mon Nov 13 11:29:39 EST 2006

On 13.11.2006 16:54 Valentin Gjorgjioski wrote:
> On 13.11.2006 16:48 Pepe Iborra wrote:
>> Hi Valentin
>> Please, take a look at the Haskell Wiki page for debugging.
>> http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Debugging
>> You will find that thanks to Neil Mitchell there is a Windows version 
>> of Hat available. Perhaps you can add your experiences with it if it 
>> works for you.
> Oh silly me, I was looking that page, but I didn't notice this. Thanks 
> a lot, pepe.
> I'll try, and I'll post feedback here.
I install it, I tried it, and it doesn't work for me.

   Ambiguous type variable `a' in the constraint:
     `Integral a' arising from use of `*^' at ./Hat/DML.hs:535:66-69
   Probable fix: add a type signature that fixes these type variable(s)

And this is line 535....
                 T.uapp2 p125v94v125v148 p125v147v125v147 p (+^) (*^)

After that, I have in my code used operator ^, and I deleted that 
operator. Program finally compiled, but now, hat-observe reports me an 
error... this program has encountered a problem....

So, I will be really happy with something simple as Hugs.Observe if it 
works with floats. Some recommendation please?

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