[Haskell-cafe] best Linux for GHC?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Nov 12 19:11:20 EST 2006

> Hello haskell-cafe,
> Now i'm consider installation of some Linux version at my box. My
> friend offered me 3 variants: SuSe, Fedora Core 5, free variant of
> RedHat (i can't remember its name, may be Ubuntu?)
> what may be best for GHC-based development? in particular, i want to
> compile Haskell itself
> i suspect that it is a really dumb question, and GHC will work great
> just with any linux i can find :)
> -- 

Gentoo or Debian, I suspect, since then you get the #haskell-gentoo
team, and Igloo, keeping things up to date :)

-- Don

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