[Haskell-cafe] Re: Livecoding music in Haskell

alex alex at slab.org
Wed Nov 8 07:57:36 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 22:35 +1100, Rohan Drape wrote:
> A second seems excessive?  Working directly with ghc <-> scsynth
> latencies of ~ 0.075 do not seem to be and issue with even relatively
> heavy scheduling loads.

Yes you're right, although with my current timescales of livecoding, an
extra second of latency doesn't make much difference.  I'm not dealing
with individual notes, but longer term structures.

> Even sclang, remarkable as it is, will need to be sending time-stamped
> bundles for reliable sample-accurate timing?  Even to avoid
> perceptible jitter under high load?

Ah, good point - so I am falsely conflating sclang with scsynth?  I am
(still) a beginner sclang programmer as well as a beginner haskell
programmer.  In any case I intend to move to your hsc library soon, so
thanks for the scheduling details in your other mail.

Thanks also to those pointing me at Haskore on #haskell, so far it looks
a lot like my existing representation of music, only much better.


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