[Haskell-cafe] Haskell RPC

minh thu noteed at gmail.com
Sun May 28 12:32:59 EDT 2006


2006/5/25, Joel Reymont <joelr1 at gmail.com>:

> [snip]
> Also, it seems to me that the only way to deal with variable numbers
> of differently typed arguments is to use the HList approach which is
> quite heavy machinery, IMO.

(i ve made a quick read of previous reply .. think there is not my answer :)
the usual way to deal with that is just

To put it simply : u encapsulate each different data type in one
"unifying" wrapping type.
It works as long as each wrapped type belongs to the same (haskell) class.

I think that if you add a String or something to identify the wrapped
data, you can manage the data part of you problem (but i dont know for
moving functions).


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