[Haskell-cafe] Newbie: Applying Unknown Number Arguments to A Partial Function

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at list.mightyreason.com
Fri May 19 04:10:50 EDT 2006

Aditya Siram wrote:
> I am trying to write a function 'applyArguments' which takes a function
> and a list and recursively uses element each in the list as an argument
> to the function. I want to do this for any function taking any number of
> arguments.
> applyArgument f (arg) = f arg
> applyArgument f (arg:args) = applyArgument (f arg) args
> This has failed in Hugs, so my question is: Can I conceptually do this?
> If so, what is the type signature of this function?
> Deech

You can't do that, but there are other tricks that do work:


which describes "Functions with the variable number of (variously typed)
arguments" and "Genuine keyword arguments"


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