[Haskell-cafe] develop new Haskell shell?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sat May 13 05:56:42 EDT 2006

Wow.. quite many responses..
I'll have to rearead them thoroughly.. ;)

I think GHCI would be great (expect it's start up time compared to bash

I wouldn't use hs-plugins because it needs quite a lot of time to
compile pieces of code..

I got the idea to use something like Don Libes expect/pexpect (python)
as layer between user/ghci ? So you can use short characters beeing
expanded?  Problem: How to get to know when ghci has finished executing
a command?

I don't like the approach to putting every command in a function by
default. But I want to do so for some commands. Eg sox/ aplay, 

For most small problems you can't get a shorter command than using
So why not be able to switch.
Meta-b -> bash
Meta-h -> haskell
Meta-9 -> plan9
And after executing a command with bash take over the environment

One thing I'd really like to improve is history/ completion.

So it would be cool to extend ghci to be able to use something like

class Completion Completable where
  getCompletions :: Completable -> firstChars -> [String]
  doCompletion :: Completable -> firstChars -> IO Completion

or something more general perhaps even providing some list to select
individual filenames...

I'd also like to do somehthing like

prog1 | prog2 | prog3| xargs mplayer ..
Then prog1-3 and mplayer may be running at the same time.
I still want to be able to send keys to prog1,2,3 and mplayer.. (eg
to mute mplayer or to speed the music up, goto the next file, ....)
That would be reallly cool and interactive ;)


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