[Haskell-cafe] develop new Haskell shell?

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Tue May 9 16:37:06 EDT 2006

Did you see [http://nellardo.com/lang/haskell/hash/] ?

Google also finds some links to code.


Marc Weber wrote:
> Hi.
> Who wants to try devloping a new shell with me?
> The main goals: try adding some haskell scriting instead of bash/zsh,
> history dependend on 
> a) executing program
> b) current dir
> c) last commands
> d) workspaces
> which should mean that the shell should save at least the last 10
> commands of a,b,c,d.
> So you can do
> emerge (lookup parameters in history) even if you haven't used emerge
> for ages.. :) Nice, isn't it?
> d) Workspaces should mean:
> You can define some kind of workspace like
> workspace=haskellproject, wash, apache 
> to add these tags together with the commands to the history..
> So when working only in the "wash" workspace you can easily find those
> commands.. Perhpas it's even useful to attach commands or even scripts
> to those workspaces?
> eg the startApache script may be attached to
> admin, apache, ...,
> the cd /etc/init.d command only to admin..
> I also would like to have some advanced kind of directory matching,
> defining aliases for directories.
> eg just type
> cd /usl to get a  list of diretories looking like this:
> /UserShupportLocales
> /usr/src/linux
> /usl ?
> Using tab and bash is nice but it might be done better?
> Any suggestions?
> One would have to think about how to run processes in background and so
> on ...
> adding files as parameters the way it's possible in mc ( select them and
> add them to the command line )
> perhaps even implement cp/mv/ ... for virtual file systems like zip
> files/ ftp/ ... ?
> and last but not least:
> on windows add all Programs beeing found in Start-> Programs to the path
> list... I wish I could just do word/ Enterprise Manager at a shell and
> not searching for the menu entries over and over again.. ;)
> I know I can add them the to the path.. but that would be some work,
> too.. and not desirable in any case.
> I could imagine adding a small prefix to each cmd eg.
> eb (execute bash cmd)
> ez (execute zsh cmd)
> r (remove file list)
> efs (execute from windows start menu)
> bg <cmd> run in background like bashs & feature.
> Perhaps even introduce some new syntax ?
> or use ghci or hugs with a preprocessor to translate these commands to
> haskell commands?
> What do you think?
> Marc Weber
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