[Haskell-cafe] Re: strange ghc program behaviour

Koen.Roelandt at mineco.fgov.be Koen.Roelandt at mineco.fgov.be
Wed Mar 22 05:38:04 EST 2006

>From ghc-6.4, the runtime system no longer flushes open files; it
>truncates them instead.  You should close (or flush) the file explicitly
>with 'hClose' or 'hFlush' before the program terminates.

I added 'hClose' to processXmlWith in the Wrapper module. That solved the 
Thank you!
Malcolm, concerning HaXml choking on finding an ampersand (or %) in an 
attribute value (my earlier post): this occurred when the ampersand was 
part of an entity. I solved it by replacing the values for & and % in the 
Lex module (not very elegant, I admit). 



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