[Haskell-cafe] EclipseFP (Haskell IDE) 0.10.0 released

Thiago Arrais thiago.arrais at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 12:33:42 EDT 2006


On 7/3/06, Leif Frenzel <himself at leiffrenzel.de> wrote:
> I think the way to go is to call it via JNI. This has worked fine for me
> in the past on Windows with dlls

Although it required quite some glue code written in C, and it did not
look very pretty. Have you already taken a look at this thing here


Seems like it will free us from writing much of the glue code.

I will definetely experiment with the GHC library + JVM-Bridge, it
seems very much promising. Has anyone actually tried something like


Thiago Arrais

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